How Soon Should You Prepare for Your Outdoor Painting Project?

Painting your home’s exterior can give your home curb appeal and provide you with a fresh new look without having to spend a fortune in new siding. Whether you’re planning on having your aluminum or vinyl siding or your deck painted and refinished, you should know what steps to take so your project is done on time.

First, think about when you’d like your project to be completed. Most people pick the spring, early summer, or early fall. From there, determine your timeline, and you can start finding a painter.

About Three Months Before

Call several professional painters and tell them that you would like a quote on an exterior painting project. This is the most important part of your project, because choosing the right painter will make the rest of the process go smoothly. Paint that is used for exterior projects is different from interior products, and must be chosen with care to ensure that your home looks great when it’s done.

Carefully take notes of what each painter says when they look at your home. If you see any damaged areas, ask each painter to tell you how they will fix it and to include the cost of the repair in their estimate.

About Two Months Before

Choose the painter and talk about the general dates they’ll be coming to your house to complete the project.

About One Month Before

Ask your painter for a professional color consultation. Deciding on the right paint may take a while, and you will have to pick out complementary colors for elements like shutters, doors, and door frames.

About Two Weeks Before

Get in touch with your painter and make sure that your paint is available for your project. Clean the surface of your home if your painter has instructed you to do so. (Your painter may plan on doing this at the start of the project, so be sure that you know whose responsibility this is.) Most professional painters will scrape off peeling paint and then sand surfaces in order to prep your home for painting.

About One Week Before

Clean around the exterior of your home to make sure that your painter has an unencumbered work area. Trim any bushes, move toys or chairs, and cut the grass shortly before your professional painter arrives.

Two Days Before

Call your painter for last-minute instructions, and be sure to keep an eye on the weather so that can discuss contingency plans. Now you’re ready for updated home exterior!

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