Worst and Best Colors for Small Rooms

If you have a small room you want to paint, you may be wondering what colors to choose from and which ones to avoid. At MasterBrush Painting, we’ve put together a guide on the best and worst colors for small rooms.

Worst Colors for Small Rooms

Paint for small roomsRed

While red is a beautiful vibrant color, it doesn’t work well in small spaces. This color tends to heat up a small space, leaving you with an overwhelming or uncomfortable feeling. If your heart is set on red, consider using it as an accent color in a smaller room. You can also opt for more toned-down shades of red, such as a rust color. This will still give you the energy and warmth you want without being too intense.


You may think white is a great color for all spaces, but when it comes to smaller rooms, it can create a bland and boxy look. While white may be known to make things lighter and brighter, it can actually show every shadow or dark corner in the room.

When it comes to smaller spaces, white is great accent color or trim color. If you’re set on a lighter color, we recommend a pewter gray with white accents. This will add light and a cheery ambiance to the space.

Muted Neutrals

Neutral colors are a great option for smaller rooms since they can make a small space look larger. While this palette works well for small spaces, be wary of using muted neutrals. These can make the space look small and dark. We recommend that you look for warm neutrals that will help reflect the light throughout the room. Add white trim and accents for a more open, spacious look.

Best Colors for Small Spaces

Pale Shades

As you may have heard before, pale colors can offer the illusion of a larger space. You may be thinking that white or pastels are the best option for pale shades, but they lack the nuance you need to transform your space. We recommend pale greens, grays, browns, blues, or even lavender shades with green or blue undertones to help make your space look larger.

Warm Shades

Create a visually interesting space with warmer hues such as bright colors like yellow or deep colors like blue. Warm colors such as reds, orange, and reddish purples are great colors to help small spaces make a big impact.

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