What to Know About Painting a Home’s Interior Before Selling

Winter is a popular time when homeowners prepare to put their homes on the market. If you’re planning on selling your home, we’d like to help you with some tips that will help your house sell faster, and for the price that you want.

  • First, clear out the clutter. The more you take out of your home, the roomy it will look. You may love how your home looks, but since you’ll be moving anywhere (and hopefully very soon), it’s time to start packing away furniture and odds and ends that will just make your home look cramped. For example, if you have coffee tables or end tables in your living room, take them out. If you have more than one dresser in your bedroom, be sure to clear that away, too. People who are looking at home to buy like to imagine how their furniture will fit into their new home, and they may have a hard time doing that when they can only see your belongings.
  • Dress up the exterior. Create curb appeal outside by making sure that your landscaping beds are properly tended and that weeds are pulled every day. If you have mulch that’s lost its color, add new mulch to contrast or complement your yard. Make sure that your grass is green and mowed so that you’re prepared for buyers at all times.
  • . Few changes are as dramatic as painting the interior of your home with a neutral palette that allows buyers to imagine how their new home will look.

What Should You Paint?

You may have a home with bold color choices. Although you may love those colors, and although you may have spent weeks deciding on just the right color palette for your rooms and furniture, people can be very particular about the color on the inside of homes. Dark blues, greens, and reds take quite a few layers to primer and paint over, and that kind of time-consuming work could be a dealbreaker for a potential buyer.

On the other hand, your paint may already be neutral or white. That’s great – but consider adding a new layer of paint on to freshen up the inside of your house. Take down paintings, fill in the holes, plaster, and then re-paint every room. For people who are looking for a home that’s move-in ready, neutral paint is key. They’re more likely to choose a home where the interior fits their design preferences, and even if they paint over it, it won’t require layers and layers of new paint.

The most important rooms to re-paint are the bathrooms and kitchens. Kitchens are the heart of the home, and most people imagine themselves there with their family and friends, eating and talking. If your wall and ceiling colors are outdated, it’s a big turnoff. Your cabinets should also be repainted in case they look worn or dated. The same goes with bathrooms. The pink paint that was so popular in the late 50s, and the orange color that was all the rage in the 70s is just going to make home buyers laugh and wonder what else has to be updated in your home.

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