Tips For Painting the Outside of Your Home

Painting the Outside of Your Home

When the outside of your home needs a new coat of paint, it may seem like a daunting task. Homes generally require a fresh coat every five years, but the need for outdoor painting can vary depending on the climate in your area. MasterBrush Painting in Pittsburgh, PA offers 28 years of experience in resurfacing home exteriors. They are a painting company that can ensure that your home receives the care it needs for its most attractive appearance.

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Understanding Exterior Paints
In the past, oil-based paints were used for greater durability, but today’s latex paints are so superior that oil-based formulations are now rarely used. These new water-based paints provide fast drying time, better coverage capability and easier clean up. Outdoor painting requires specifically formulated for the hard wear that the outside of homes experience. These paints are made of acrylic latex that provides flexible binding to home exterior surfaces that expand and contract with varying temperatures. These paint also contain additives to prevent mildew growth on areas in shade, as well as UV resistance in sunlight. They are also low in VOC compounds that are unhealthy for humans and hurt the environment. Always use a high quality paint of a reputable brand that will stand the test of time. Although these paints may be more expensive that other brands, they are the better value over the long run.

Exterior Color Choices
Homeowners often feel overwhelmed by the wide range of color choices that are available for home exteriors. Your exterior color affects not only the value of your own home but also the value of those in the neighborhood. Home design experts recommend outdoor painting in neutral colors such as white, beige, tan or gray. If you prefer more color, choose a shade that has a muted quality that will fit in well with surrounding homes. Trim color should just a shade or two lighter or darker to avoid being too glaring in contrast. When in doubt, simple white or beige trim will fit with every exterior color.

Good Surface Preparation
A good paint job starts with a well-prepared surface. Dirt should be washed off if possible. Loose bits of paints should be scraped off to provide a smooth surface for paint adhesion. Any small repairs that are needed should be done before painting begins. Mold and mildew should be scrubbed off with a bleach solution and thoroughly rinsed before paint application.

Finding A Reputable Painting Contractor
A good painting company knows the common problems that can be encountered in painting homes. He will be able to provide a reasonably accurate price quote for the job as well as an estimate on the time frame involved. You may be able to get a referral for a good painting company that has provided good workmanship for them. You should always get at least three price quotes for outdoor painting to make an accurate comparison. Ensure that the contractor understands the full extent of the job and can provide the service and time frame you need. Always check references a painting company provides to ensure that they have been satisfactory for past customers.