Tips for Painting Dry Wall

Now that your new walls are up, it is time to paint them, but before you get started, it is important to understand how to paint drywall. When it comes to new drywall, it will require q different approach than the other walls in your home. If you don’t take care to paint drywall correctly, it will leave you with seams showing through and unsightly streaks.
At MasterBrush Painting, we’ve put together a few tips on how to paint your drywall for a beautiful, smooth finish.
Preparation is Key
After drywall has been installed, there will be dust left behind on the drywall, flooring, etc. BE sure to sweep up all of the dust prior to opening your paint. This will help you avoid a paint job with specks and lint stuck to it.
To further prepare, be sure to check the following:
  • Look for Imperfections – It’s common for new drywall to have a few imperfections. Take the time to look closely and sand down any rough edges.
  • Clean the Walls – Using a soft cloth wipe down the walls to remove debris, and once the dust settles, mop the floors.
To finish your preparations, be sure to:
  • Sweep up any remaining dust.
  • Do a final wipe down of the walls with a damp cloth.
  • Apply primer that is specifically made for new drywall.
Decide How You Want to Apply Your Paint
Commonly, people use either a sprayer or roller to their walls. While sprayers work well on new drywall, they can be messy to use. They offer quick coverage to large areas and can be a real timesaver if you know how to use one properly. In most cases, a roller is best for most people to handle. Be sure to avoid synthetic rollers because they tend to leave behind lint.
Use the Proper Paint and Primer 
With so many paints and primer options out there, it can be difficult to know which one is best for painting new drywall. To help simplify the process, use these tips:
Choose a primer specifically made for use on new drywall, avoid using any other kind of primer
Paint and primer combos are great for walls that have already been treated, but they are not a good option for new drywall. Be sure to use a separate primer.
Satin paint is a great option overall for most homes. Other types, such as flat latex, is easy to touch up but gets dirty easily. High sheen paints are easy to clean but hard to touch up. Satin provides all the qualities you need in a paint, offering durability as well as easy cleanup and touchups.
Apply More than One Coat
While many paint manufacturers will advertise that their paint can be applied in a single coat, this is not the case for your new drywall. In many cases, the seams along the edges of each drywall board will begin to bleed through over time, but by adding a second coat, you can avoid this problem.

Call the Professionals at MasterBrush

If you feel that you still need help with painting your new drywall, hire the professional residential painters from Pittsburgh’s MasterBrush Painting! We have the tools and the knowledge to ensure your new drywall is painted perfectly for beautiful new walls!
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