Things to Know When Painting Your Home’s Exterior

Interior Home Painting

Exterior painting demands more than the average amount of required skills or necessary tasks. Painting in the outdoors requires the consideration of several different factors, which vary in comparison to indoor paint projects. Knowing how to plan and follow through with the appropriate steps to exterior painting will lead to nothing but fantastic results.

Plan Ahead & for Everything

When it comes to painting your home’s exterior you need to plan for both your project and for mother nature. Be it rain, snow, leaf debris or similar, all of these variables effect the process of your paint project. It is necessary and worth the effort to consider the season and its weather conditions. Also have an approximate start and end times that are relative to the sunrise and sunset, as not to end up painting in the dark.

Exterior Painting

Know Your Tools & Understand Realistic Expectations

The quality of your painter, the paint itself and the tools you use all contribute to the results and to what you should expect. If you are using a high-quality product, as well as a professional (or at least knowledgeable) painter, then your results will most likely end in a successful paint job.

If you are making use of mediocre products, then the paint’s final result will most likely also be of the same quality. Keep in mind to also research the necessary steps for exterior painting, such as sanding surfaces after scraping away peeling paint, and to then prime surfaces before applying a coat of color.

Take an Extra Step for Safety & Peace of Mind

When painting stairs, porch floors or other walking surfaces, be certain to add a key ingredient for safety: fine sand. By adding sand to your paint before applying it to the exterior surfaces, you will create kind of traction for pedestrians. Painted surfaces can often become slippery, which makes this extra ingredient give a boost of safety to your exterior painting.

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