Step One

Residential Painting: The First Steps

When it comes to painting, many homeowners may not know where to start. Whether it is the run-of-the mill residential painting or even custom home painting, the process can be somewhat daunting. However, the professionals at Master Brush Inc. can help. Based out of Pittsburgh, PA, they have been serving the Pittsburgh area and surrounding communities for almost three decades with high quality painting services.

Important First Steps

Step one of residential painting is not deciding to do it. There is actually a lot of time, effort and planning that goes into the process. After contacting Master Brush, a technician will come out to look at the home. This helps ensure that the custom home painting can be completed as the homeowner desires. This part of the process involves inspecting the area that needs to be painted.

The Actual Inspection

There are actually a few things that are being looked for. This can include damage to any of the surfaces that need painted, items that may need to be moved and the level of difficulty. In some cases, repairs may need to be made before custom home painting can be completed. After the inspection is finished, needed repairs and custom home painting estimates will be discussed.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

One of the most important aspects of residential painting is ensuring customer satisfaction. Therefore, technicians will take the time to go over the goals with the homeowner. Rarely, it may not be possible to achieve the custom home painting look that the homeowner is seeking without some modifications. If this is the case, the technician will work with the homeowner in order to seek a solution. With a wide array of products to choose from and a high level of experience, it is possible to give the home an amazing makeover with the residential painting services available.