Staining or Painting Your Wooden Deck: A Spring Project with Great Results

Chances are, your wooden deck was built years ago, and now needs a bit of freshening. It’s common for wood to begin to show its age. After all, decks are outdoor structures, and they take the brunt of the rainy spring, hot, humid summer, and snowy and cold winter.

You may have a deck with untreated lumber, or one that’s already been stained. No matter how well you work to maintain your deck, eventually you’ll begin to see the telltale signs of wear: splintering, splitting, cracking, and warping are all common. Now, it’s time to stain or paint the deck.

Painting Your Deck

Many people won’t even think about painting their deck, because they didn’t realize that could be done. But, there are several good reasons to paint your deck:

  • It’s customized. Decks can be painted any color: a traditional white, a neutral beige, or even a stand-out green.
  • It hides flaws. Once the finish that was applied to a wood deck starts to wear off, wood will begin to show signs like splintering or cracking. Paint can fill in those spots.
  • Makes cleaning easy. If you apply the right kind of exterior deck paint, you’ll find that cleaning your deck is a quick process. A bonus is that paint tends to protect your wood as well as a regular finish does.

Staining Your Deck

We should also talk about staining your deck. Why is this popular? It:

  • Shows off wood. A stain will capture the beauty of wood instead of covering it up. A semi-transparent stain allows you to see the wood grain, while a semi-solid stain hides some of the grain but still lets the texture come through.
  • Is surprisingly colorful . . . or not. Stain can be clear, but you can also choose a variety of colors, including beiges, browns, greens, reds, oranges, and even blues.

Painting or staining your deck pays dividends, but always use a professional painter to stain or paint your deck. We have the know-how, the equipment, and the knowledge to provide you with a great experience, and a beautiful deck when the project is finished. Call MasterBrush Painting today to get your deck upgraded by a Pittsburgh painting professional.