Should I Paint My Pittsburgh Home’s Exterior in the Fall?

If you’d like to freshen up the outside of your home before winter sets in, fall is a great time. There’s less rain, less temperature variation, and the cooler weather means that you don’t have to worry about it being too hot for paint to dry evenly. Remember, though, it can’t be too cold — it’s also important that the outside temperature is 50 degrees or above.

When Should You Paint?

In the fall, it’s best to paint in the late morning to about 3 p.m. in the afternoon. During that time, the

temperature is likely stable. The fall usually has less rain than the spring, and doesn’t carry the risk of the severe, windy thunderstorms that we get in the summer.

How Should You Prepare?

Painting materials – especially for such a high-profile project like the exterior of your house – should be

top-notch, including the paint and primer. The coverage will be much better. Depending on the materials you’re painting on, like metal or wood, you may need oil primer. Your tools should include a good quality brush and roller. You’ll also have to wash the entire surface of the outside of the house with detergent, remove flaking or peeling paint, and possibly sand the surface. Keep in mind, too, that if your home is older and was painted prior to 1978, that paint will probably contain lead. You’ll have to get the paint tested for lead, which will then safely need to be removed.

Why Should You Hire a Painting Professional for Your Home’s Exterior?

As you can see, painting the outside of your home isn’t an easy job for homeowners who would like to tackle a DIY project. In many cases, because of the height of homes, it’s actually dangerous. A professional Pittsburgh painter will have the proper materials, tools, and equipment needed for exterior home painting. We suggest that you call an insured, fully bonded, reputable business that can provide you with the names of previous clients. That way, you can talk to someone who had the same project completed and ask them what the process was like and if they were happy with the results.

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