Protecting Your Home with Exterior Paint

The paint on the exterior of your house protects it in many ways. Without this protection, your home could experience costly damage, so delaying an exterior paint project can be dangerous.

How Does Exterior Paint Protect Your Home?

For many homeowners, when you think about painting the outside of your home, you think of improving the visual appeal of the outside the house. But it is important to understand that painting the exterior of your home play a more crucial role than just making the home look great.

For example, if your home’s exterior is made from wood, this wood can become dry and cracked with prolonged sun exposure. By painting the wood, you can keep the sun off the wood. In addition to protection from UV rays, paint also helps to protect your exterior from water.

Paint helps to create a barrier that protects your home from rain, ice, snow, humidity, and moisture from objects such as hoses or sprinklers.  Paint also helps to protect your home from termites, carpenter bees, and other wood-boring insects.

What Can Happen if I Delay My Exterior Paint Project?

Painting your home’s exterior can be a daunting task, so it can be tempting to put it off to save yourself time and money with fewer paint jobs. Your exterior house paint has a limited lifespan, and as the paint ages, it loses its ability to protect your home. The paint will begin to show bubbled-up paint, hairline cracks, chalky residue, and peeling.

Once the paint fails, it is more difficult to repaint the exterior. All paint will need to be removed, and any wood rot that has occurred due to lack of protection will need to be repaired.  By painting your home before the paint can fail, you can save yourself more time and money in the long run.

Professional Exterior Paint Services in Pittsburgh

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