Painting Your Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom Painting Tips

Painting your master bedroom involves going beyond the purchase of a few paint swatches and a roller; it involves energy, design and your personal touch of style. Paint projects are not mere projects, they are transformations. A little switch of paint can go a long way, when done properly. The paint pros at Master Brush Painting are true professionals when if comes to residential painting services. Convert your Pittsburgh master bedroom into your own unique, personal space that’s unlike any other in the ‘burgh.

Choose the Vibe of Your Bedroom

Think of how you want to feel in your master suite. Do you want a space that’s illuminating and offers a wake-me-up feel? Perhaps you prefer a calm vibe to help you fall asleep? Before you start buying paint and supplies, identify how you want your suite to make you feel. This will narrow down design selections to better help you select color options, styles and more that reflect the exact mood you are seeking.

Bedroom Painting

Select a Unique Color Palette for Your Preferred Mood

The color palette of your master suite will depend on the choice of mood you decide on. This will direct you toward a cool or warm template. Warmer tones—such as red, orange and yellow—are strong and go far in small amounts. If your painting with the color red, for instance, try out an accent wall look and paint only one wall red, while others are painted a muted color. Cooler tones, like neutrals and blues, are not as overwhelming for some people, and are more easily able to be used in larger quantities. There are also colors that emanate both warm and cool vibes, such as green. Choose a color palette that settles with your mood.

Create & Incorporate Your Own Style

Make your bedroom feel like you. Incorporate small touches of your own personality around the space. Intricately hang paintings, pictures and book shelves along walls of your favorite color choices. Remember to add a few similar touches to the other rooms of your home, in order to create a transitional flow of design throughout your entire living space. Main colors of one room are great accent color pieces in others.

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