Painting Your Bedroom for Comfort and Style

Homeowners usually pick themes for their home’s interior that are varied: soft in certain areas, eye-catching in others. When it comes to bedrooms, though, lots of people just paint it white.

There’s so much that can be done with bedrooms besides plain white! We’re professional Pittsburgh painters with years of experience, so we’d like to offer a few ideas for choosing bedroom paint décor.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is usually the largest room in the house, which means that it holds a lot of promise for design. Besides a bed, masters may have sitting areas with furniture and built-in shelves. When choosing a color palette for your master, think about how you’d like to feel when you walk in. Do you want it to be invigorating, allowing you to recharge? A medium shade of yellow is perfect. If you’d like to relax, you can pick light shades of green, blue, or gray. If you bedroom is going to be the place where you and your kids hang out, you can choose single color shades: light, medium and dark accent colors.

Kids Bedrooms

Kids bedrooms can be the place where you really see your children’s personalities. When they’re young, their nurseries are probably pink, blue, or white, but as the get older, you have a lot of possibilities. Some kids love two-toned walls with vertical stripes, while others want bright colors. In these rooms, regular rules decorating don’t apply.

Guest Bedrooms

Guest bedroom should be tasteful but not boring. Don’t be afraid to put color on the ceilings or a dark or medium color on one wall. Your guest room doesn’t have to be the same color palette as the rest of your home, but it can use similar shades of color.

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