Painting While the Cold is Hanging Around

Cold Weather Painting

Spring is near, but that cold winter weather is still lingering. This can make it more difficult to get a jump start on your spring painting. When dealing with colder weather that rests at around 55-35 degrees Fahrenheit, adjusting your painting tools and techniques can help you keep on schedule.

Check Surface Temperatures, Regardless of the Temperature Outside

When painting during the cold seasons, it is important to check the surface temperature of what you are applying paint to. If the surface is not at a proper temperature, it will not adhere correctly. Paint applies and adheres best between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Even once the temperatures outside begin to warm, that does not mean that the surface you are painting has warmed up enough yet too. Always check the surface temperature of what you are painting before beginning your project.

Indoor Painting

Create Your Own Temporary Greenhouse

In order to maintain a proper temperature for painting, you can create your own temporary greenhouse. With a simple space heater and a minimal frame, you can easily keep a consistent, temperature fit for proper painting.

Use Additives for Counteracting Cold Weather Effects on Paint

Colder temperatures can often cause paint to thicken, obviously making it more difficult to handle. Paint that thickens with each glide of your paint brush will not provide even strokes, and may even provoke cracking during the drying process. Altogether, this will more than likely yield poor results. By adding the proper ingredient to paint (Floetrol for water-based and Penetrol for oil-based), you can help to counteract the effects of cold weather.

By incorporating these and other cold weather painting tips, you can master any paint project regardless of the season. The painting services from Master Brush Painting go far in helping with all of your paint project needs, year-round. Contact us today by calling (¬412) 481-2155, or send us a brief email to, for more information or to set up an appointment. We will help you achieve superior paint project results, efficiently and affordably no matter the season, for both indoor painting and exterior painting! Call now!