Keeping Your Walls as Vibrant as Day One

Spicing up Your Walls!

When it comes to maintaining vibrant wall color, our experts of Maser Brush Painting know exactly what to do. Our quality paints and painting services provide long lasting paint results that you can fully enjoy, season after season. Start now by applying the below tips to your next paint project and wall clean!

Start by Choosing the Appropriate Paint

Easily cleanable paint is always a good idea, but it is an especially good choice if you have kids, pets, messy hobbies and the like. If you know you will be cleaning your walls often, select an appropriate paint to accommodate that need. Also be sure not to attempt cleaning freshly painted walls until at least 2 weeks after the paint has fully set.

Indoor Painting

Keep Cleaning Simple, and Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Scrubbing chemicals and cleaning tools such as bristle brushes and magic sponges, may work well at getting scuffs off of wall surfaces, but you may lose some paint as well. Keep cleaning simple when it comes to your walls. Use of clean water and a washcloth, with a little elbow grease go a long way in sustaining vibrant paint color.

Know When It’s Merely Time to Repaint

Keep in mind that the perfect cleaning tactics, best paint and perfect painters can all only maintain the appearance of freshly painted walls to a certain point. Eventually paint chips, discolors from light exposure, and needs to be refreshed. Know what it is time to merely re-paint and freshen up the walls of your space.

Choose Master Brush Painting for All of Your Painting Projects!

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