How to Update Your Kitchen Using Paint

Does your kitchen need a refresh? Paint will give you a professional, updated look. Here are some great ideas for homeowners who would like to add some pizzazz to their kitchen.


Are your cabinets worn and outdated? You can easily create cabinet doors that look new by sanding down the existing materials and then painting them. Change a dark wood into a sparkling white, swap out the hardware a more modern look, and your kitchen will look brand new. For an especially interesting change, paint the cabinet interiors (the back wall, side wall, and shelves) with a trendy color to create a contrast.


Choosing an appropriate color is a major decision when it comes to the décor of your kitchen. Take a good look at your room, and concentrate on the cabinet color and materials, the floors, and how much of the wall surface is available for paint color. Smaller kitchens should stick with lighter colors, while larger kitchens can handle more saturated colors, or even one wall that has a darker color.


Your backsplash can be painted in a different color than the other kitchen walls. A striking color will create drama, especially in a smaller space. Consider this area a place where you can add a personal touch.


If your kitchen has shelving installed to display kitchen wares or decorations, you can brighten them up with well-chosen paint color.


Why would you paint the ceiling? In a white kitchen or one with a lot of wood cabinetry, it’s an easy way to add some light color.


If you have wood windows, you can touch them up with paint. A simple white or cream is common, but you can also match shelving and walls by choosing a stand-out color scheme.


Who says that your island base has to look like wood? You can paint the base the same color as the cabinets for a unique, trendy appearance.

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