How to Choose the Right Color Scheme

Guide to Painting your Pittsburgh home

There is nothing more exciting than inventing or reinventing your home’s interior! With a brand-new home, you have a totally clean state. With an existing home, you can transform it into something completely different. And while it is fun perusing the hundreds of paint colors out there, as expert residential painters in Pittsburgh, we understand the decision to commit to a paint color scheme can be overwhelming. Unlike ever-changing wall-art and accent furniture from your favorite off-price department store, deciding on your home’s interior color scheme is a fairly permanent decision.

Painting your home should be fun! With a little help from the Pittsburgh painters at MasterBrush Painting, you’ll be able to come up with an impressive interior paint color-scheme in no time!

GET INSPIRED!Pittsburgh Painters

What’s your style?
And before we “go there,” you needn’t put yourself in any categories! While some people can say, “I am 100% contemporary!” Others aren’t so sure. “I (think) my style is rustic?” Note the uncertainty in their statement.

Maybe you like rustic elements like raw wood and natural stone, but you also like whimsical Boho colors. Style is less about categorizing yourself as a “type”, and more about how you want to “feel” when you walk into your home. When you are out and about, pay attention to what draws you into a room. Or, pay attention to the items you gravitate towards while perusing your favorite home-décor store. Use these examples to get ideas on your style influences.

Go online
The internet is choc-full of thousands of interior home images. You can visit your favorite brand of paint’s website for ideas or go rogue and search “navy blue living room” or “farmhouse kitchen.” Save the images to a pin-board or create an image folder on your desktop. There are so many great ideas online, so log on and get inspired!

Please, take one
You’ve seen the hundreds of free paint swatches that line the paint department at your local home improvement store. Go ahead and take those samples home with you! You like blue? Take every shade of blue home if necessary. Because, what looks like a medium blue in the store, may look midnight blue in your powder room. Take those samples home and see what works!


Now that you have your ideas let’s start piecing together a paint color scheme.

Try to connect open spaces
If you have a home with an open concept that includes a family room, kitchen and dining room, think about joining these rooms with one main neutral color to give it a cohesive feel. We must add that neutral doesn’t have to mean boring. There are a ton of beautiful neutral tones out there, so don’t assume neutral is plain beige. Neutral color schemes are simply an easy match to the zillion other color combinations out there.

Add balance with complimentary colors
Once you settle on the main color, choose a complimentary color to carry throughout your space. This will especially help if you have the open-concept mentioned above. Choosing a complementary color will help bring the space or spaces together.

Choose your accent colors
So, you love the paint color tangerine, but you are worried it might be too overwhelming as the central color in your living room. If you’re unsure about settling on a seriously vibrant color as your primary choice, incorporate it as an accent color. Have a built-in bookshelf? Paint the backdrop. Or, paint one wall and make it the focal point. Accent colors add a dose of personality to a room, without overpowering it.

Ceilings & Trim
Painting trim is a great way to give your room a finished look, so don’t forget about the baseboards, crown molding and trim around your windows and doors. Ceilings are another way to add dimension to your room, so consider painting your ceiling before concluding your paint project.

Hire a Pittsburgh residential painter.

Pittsburgh is a combination of newly built, modern homes and older homes with a traditional flare. The Pittsburgh residential painter’s at MasterBrush Painting have seen every color combination and style you could imagine. For expert advice and quality work, call MasterBrush painting for all your residential painting needs!

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