Exterior Home Hazards to Look Out For

The exterior of your home is not likely to be at the forefront of your thoughts. It is the protective barrier around us, but in many cases, we neglect to think about the many hazards that can cause damage to the exterior of our home. Oftentimes, this neglect results in extensive damage caused by falling branches, water pooling around the foundation, etc.

At MasterBrush Painting, we have put together a list of common exterior home hazards to look for.

House with vinesSmoke and Flames from the Grill

Avoid keeping your grill too close to your home’s exterior. The heat your grill gives off can cause damage to your wood and vinyl siding, causing warping. Smoke is also a nuisance and can stick to your siding, staining it and making it difficult to clean. Another reason to keep the grill away from your home is that a rogue member could ignite a house fire. Your grill should be kept at least 10ft from your home and other structure such as a shed.

Falling Tree Branches and Overgrown Bushes

It is common for trees and bushes to grow unnoticed by homeowners. It is important to keep in mind that as these plants grow, their limbs get closer and closer to the sliding of your home. Within a matter of years, a tree growing in the middle of your yard may have branches that are approaching your home’s exterior.

Bushes can grow limbs that can scratch up your home’s siding or roots that can dig into your home foundation. Keep an eye out for overgrown limbs or dead branches that could come loose and damage your home. Avoid planting new trees or bushes too close to your home’s exterior.

Pooling Water

It is crucial to keep water from pooling around your foundation. This water can seep into your home and into your walls, floors, and basement, causing cracks, mold, and other damage. Standing water can also cause cracks in your foundation, compromising the structural integrity of your home. Watch for areas where the terrain slopes toward your home and have these areas graded to direct the water away from your property. You may even need to install a French drain to keep water from pooling around your home.


Vines growing up the side of your home’s exterior can cause damage to siding of all types of holding moisture against the siding. Excessive moisture like this can cause the surface to rot away and can also harbor mold, which can cause your exterior’s wear and tear to speed up. Vines can also grow tendrils that have the ability to penetrate the siding of your home, especially vinyl or wood. This can cause the siding to warp and become damaged.

Vines also attract insects, birds, and other animals that may become a nuisance.

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