Create Your Home’s Perfect Color Scheme

Your House’s Color Scheme

Everyone wants a home with a distinct style and balanced flow, which reflects the residents’ own personalities. Simply using paints, fabrics and tiny touches of a single coordinating palate of hues will create a fantastic whole-house color scheme. Yet most people think it takes an enormous, expensive remodeling project to make their homes feel as if specifically designed for them. At Master Brush Painting, we understand that creating a perfect design and color scheme for you home neither has to come with an excessive price tag, nor major construction.

-Pick Your Palate, Accordingly

Identify fixed elements of each room in your home; these colors are your undertones, which you can either set up your color scheme to match, or contrast your neutral color selections with. When choosing your additional colors—such as your one bold color, its friend, and an accent color—be sure to select ones that are complements to each other on the color wheel, for the most successful pairings.

Color Schemes

-Keep Track of Your Color Palate

Since you want to incorporate all of your selections together, in a complementing way, there is a trick to keeping tack of your selections. In order to maintain a complementing design, you can create a swatch book of chosen samples, with their paint recipes. So instead of trying to picture what certain things would look painted certain colors, you can hold up your selections and decide with it right in front of you. Creating your own swatch book is also a good idea for having all of your color palate information located all in one place, and ready when you need it.

-Use Your Complementing Color Palate Everywhere

One of the most important things to keep in mind about using a complementing color scheme, is to use it everywhere, from different aspects. For instance, if you choose to use the warm color of orange to create a cozy vibe for winter, use the hue as a bold paint color in one room, as linens in another room, within paintings of another room, et cetera… This creates a connecting flow of design within your color palate, throughout your entire home.

Creating a design flow throughout your whole house can be creative and fun, not to mention it provides an atmosphere of unified comfort. At Master Brush Painting, we understand the science behind high-quality paint, designs, and professional servicing. Contact us today for more information on how you can create the most perfect color scheme and flow of design throughout your entire space!