Commercial Painting Trends of 2019

When choosing the color for your commercial building, it is essential to choose an interior color palette that is outlined in your branding materials. This will help ensure that the colors complement your brand and boost productivity.

For the exterior of your commercial building, you should take the architecture of your building into consideration as well as the building’s surroundings. While you are searching for the perfect colors to complement your brand or the architecture of your building, it is also essential to look at current painting trends to ensure your building and office spaces have a fresh, modern appearance.

Commercial Colors That are Sure to Impress for 2019

Commercial Painters Pittsburgh Various designers and paint manufacturers will be releasing new colors this fall, giving you a wide range of fresh colors to choose from for your interior and exterior painting projects. These trendy new colors include:

  • Coral- Picked by Pantone for 2019, the 16-1546 Living coral offer golden undertones, energizing and enlivening your space with a softer edge.
  • Grey- Chosen as Benjamin Moore’s color of the year, the Metropolitan AF-690 is a shade of gray that brings glamour and balance to a space.
  • Blue- Behr’s color of the year, Blueprint S470-5, is an approachable color that can help you build a space of transformation and awareness.
  • Clay- Picked as Sherwin-Williams color of the year, Cavern Clay SW7701 is a causal and warm, earth-toned hue.

Consider the Customers You Are Trying to Attract

Another factor to consider when choosing your colors is the age of the type of audience you are trying to attract to your business. Research by color experts shows that different generations have different responses to colors, which is why it essential to choose your color palette based on not only your branding but as well as what will attract your target audience. The best colors based on generation include:

  • Millennials- soft green, sophisticated grays, sandy shades.
  • Generation Z- violet, vibrant greens, blues, and bright oranges.

Color experts have also determined that all generations are attracted to colors such as ocean tones and blues.

Commercial Painting Services Pittsburgh

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