Commercial Paint for Improved Warehouse Safety

Employee safety is your top priority. With the top warehouse accidents, including slip-and-fall incidents and moving equipment hitting workers, safety paint can help create a safer working environment.

Benefits of Commercial Safety Painting

Paint offers a variety of benefits to your warehouse. It can help create safer pathways for equipment and employees. Paint can also help improve the psychological well-being of your employees. Certain types of paint available can increase traction on the floors and stairways to help prevent slip-and-fall accidents. These coatings can also help create a buffer zone between traffic or chemical spills and the concrete to reduce wear and tear on concrete floors.

Paint can’t eliminate all accidents, but it can be used to alert your employees of potential hazards throughout the warehouse effectively.

Warehouse Safety PaintImportance of Safety Paint

Safety painting provides marking to help guide pedestrian and equipment traffic appropriately. These floor lines should be used throughout your facility consistently to provide your employee with color-coded safety instructions.

According to OHSA guidelines, these are the best practices surrounding floor markings and lines for safety:

  • Lines used to delineate aisles can be any color if the lines clearly define the area considered aisle space. These lines can be made up of dots, stripes, rectangles, or continuous lines if they effectively define the aisle areas.
  • It is recommended that the aisle width be at least 3 feet wider than your largest piece of equipment or should be a minimum of 4 feet.
  • The width of the aisle markings is recommended to be anywhere from 2 to 6 inches.

Typically yellow lines indicate aisles and paths of traffic, and red is used to indicate warnings and hazards. Combinations of white and black, red and black, and yellow and black are all universally known industry choices. You can choose a color system that works best for your operations.

Ready to Begin Your Commercial Paint Project?

When planning for your commercial painting services, make a plan with your employees, and be sure to take repair and dry times into account. Our professional commercial painters recommend that you train your employees on paint care best practices after completing the project to help ensure your markings’ longevity.

We have a professional team trained on safety guidelines and equipped with the tools, experience, and equipment to get the job done! Contact us today to learn more.

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