Ceiling Painting Ideas

When it comes to painting a room in your home, the walls tend to be the primary focus, while the ceiling is typically an afterthought. Rather than just focusing on the walls when painting a room, consider focusing on the ceiling as well.

The ceiling serves a blank canvas offering a variety of ways to accent the room or make a stand out impression. We’ve put together some ceiling painting ideas to help you utilize the ceiling space for your next home painting project.

Paint it White for a Classic Lookceiling painting, painters, painter

A white ceiling will pair well with any wall paint color, offering a classic look and giving you the flexibility to choose a wall color that matches your home décor and style. This is an excellent option if you need to make a quick choice or if you want to give the room a more spacious and open look.

Add Style with Monochromatic Ceilings

To add definition and style to your room, consider painting the ceiling a few shades lighter than the wall color. This can bring the space together and give it a unique and stylish look without overpowering the space.

Match the Wall and Ceiling Color for a Cohesive Look

You can also paint your ceiling to match your wall paint color. This allows the wall paint color to become the backdrop for the entire room, letting you style the décor around the color of the space.

Go Bold with Bright Ceiling Colors

For a striking look, consider pairing neutral or white walls with a bright or bold color like turquoise, plum or even yellow. This bold contrast will provide your space with a strong and stylish look that is sure to impress.

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