Areas of Your Home Where a Bit of Paint Makes a Lot of Difference

If your resolution for the new year is to create a more beautiful home, you don’t need to make huge changes. Instead, it’s easy to pick a few spaces that can use a bit of a touch up and design some colorful areas using paint.

Pittsburgh Painting Projects

Here are some great paint projects that you can complete in just a day or a weekend.

  • Bookcases/Cabinets: Many homes have wood bookcases in the family room that hold pictures and other family treasures. If the cabinets are showing some signs of wear, but are still sturdy and functional, then think about transforming them using a light-colored paint. The results will look great, and you’ll immediately freshen the room with a bright new color. For some added fun, paint the back of the bookcases another color to create even more interest.
  • Powder Room/Half Bath. Half baths are usually small rooms, and many of them were covered with wallpaper in the 1980s. If your home has a small bathroom that could use a makeover, it’s time to take the wallpaper off and put some paint on. You may think that because it’s a small room, you should paint it white to make it seem bigger. You can, of course – white is great in most rooms. However, lots of homeowners are experimenting more with color now, and the results can be fantastic. Try grey, soft green, cream, or soft taupe.
  • Game Room. Do you have a 1970s game room with wood paneling? Maybe you’ve been talking about replacing the paneling to make the room more modern, but the paneling can stay. Just paint over it! It’s an inexpensive fix that will create a more contemporary look while you watch your favorite Pittsburgh teams on TV.
  • Ceiling. You’ve probably heard that ceilings should remain white, since that gives a feeling of being higher than it actually is – it automatically adds space to the room. However, if you have a higher ceiling or one that is angled, such as cathedral ceilings, you can choose a color to offset the rest of the room. Lighter colors are usually best, depending where the sun will be for most of the day. A pale pink, light yellow, or sky blue offer several options to make your room more interesting.
  • Kitchen/Bathroom Cabinets. If you’re tired of your cabinet color, but you’re happy with the amount of storage that you have and the placement of your cabinets, then there’s a solution: paint your cabinets. Most people choose white, but you can choose any color that complements your kitchen. Add some new hardware, and your guests will ask when you redid your whole kitchen!
  • Accent Wall. Maybe you know that you want to do something with one of your rooms to make it more exciting, but you’re not sure what. If you have wainscoting, a fireplace, or window seat on one wall, that could be a great wall for an accent color. The wall can be painted a dramatic color, or it can be soft, but it will stand out and allow you to showcase furniture or decorations.

If you’d like to paint your home, call MasterBrush Painting Pittsburgh. Our painters can help you with projects both big and small, because they have more than 150 years of combined painting experience. We’re dependable and honest and can upgrade your home today.