Interior Design Trends for 2022

If you are hoping to enter the new year with a home renovation project, consider some of the latest interior design trends for 2022. At MasterBrush Painting, we’ve chosen some of our favorite trends and put together some ways you can incorporate a fresh coat of paint into your new year’s resolutions.

Black Accents with Neutral Colors

If you are looking for a way to add some edge to your space, consider using black accents and hardware such as mirrors, lamps or even changing the handles to black on your side tables. This will add a pop of contrast to the space. We recommend using a neutral color palette for your paint with these darker accents. Currently, warm neutrals such as sandy beige with red undertones and greige are popular with many homeowners and look great with darker accents.
You can also balance the space with sheer curtains in creamy white tones, rugs with neutral color designs, and throw pillows in your favorite warm neutral tone.

Create an Elegant Mix of Dark and Earth Tones

In 2022, the popularity of color combinations such as dark colors and earthy tones is on the rise. Earthy green shades are particularly popular and look great in combination with a mix of black and gray.

Greens like emerald-green, light grey-green, and sage green are popular and versatile hues to consider. You can also add brown or copper accents such as a hammered metal chair or lamp to really boost the trendy look of the space.

To add to the earthiness of the space, consider adding a few houseplants in pots or hanging plants that match the color scheme. Adding houseplants to a space can help to promote a calming effect while also promoting clean air.

Add Some Sunshine with Citron and Other Earthy Hues

Nature-inspired colors are all the rage for 2022. Colors such as olive greens and citron yellows are two popular options. While originally thought of as dated and overwhelming, yellow is making a comeback as a way to add warmth to your space.
The buttery citrus tones are a great way to brighten and energize rooms such as your kitchen or living room. To add more interest to your cheery, yellow-toned room, consider adding textured fabrics such as velvet for a luxurious look or even fringe for a boho style. These cozy fabrics make the room more inviting while giving it a chic look. Since yellow provides a vintage look as well, you may consider shopping for vintage art or furniture pieces to compliment the room and add personality to the space.

Ready to Transform Your Space in 2022? MasterBrush Painting Can Help!

Our experienced team is knowledgeable of the latest trends for interior design and can help you create fresh and on-trend spaces in your home. Contact us today to learn more about our interior painting services in Pittsburgh.

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