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Mistakes that Homeowners Make During DIY Painting Projects

Winter’s here, which means that you’re probably in your house quite a bit. You may even be thinking about re-decorating your home, and the easiest way to change interior design is by painting. If you’re starting a painting project, here are common DIY mistakes to avoid.

  • Ignore prep work. Before you begin a painting project, there’s plenty of work to be done. First, you have to measure the walls, decide on a color or colors, and choose the kind of paint you’d like to use. Many DIY homeowners measure that area correctly, but don’t realize just how much paint is needed to provide proper coverage. (Hint: it’s at least two coats.) After you’re done with that step, you have to clean the walls that you’d like to paint. Yes, it takes more time, but don’t skip this step! Any dirt or grease must be removed or the paint won’t be applied evenly. If you cook or brush your teeth near the walls that you want to paint, you should definitely wash them.
  • Choosing the wrong paint finish. Paint finish is an important part of all interior painting projects. High gloss paint is shiny and easy to clean. It’s a good choice for areas that see a lot of use, like the kitchen. Satin is a great finish for the living room. Flat paint is appropriate for a low-traffic bedroom.
  • Using cheap materials. Skimping on a paint brush, roller, or painter’s tape to save some money will result in uneven coverage and drips that dry right onto the walls. You won’t be saving money – many times, homeowners find that low-quality materials end up costing them both money and time.
  • Attempting to paint in high areas. If you have high ceilings, are painting a two-story entryway, or refreshing a two-story living room area, you’ll need to paint on a ladder. There are many mishaps that can happen when homeowners decide to change the color of the walls themselves. It’s not uncommon for someone to fall off of a ladder, or for the paint can to fall over (which will then drip down the wall and onto the furniture and the floors).
  • Buying the wrong paintbrush. There are many different surfaces in your home, and while there are some all-around brushes, it’s always best to paint with the proper bristle materials. For instance, nylon bristles are good to paint small spaces. Angled brushes work with smooth finishes. Large, flat brushes are used for large spaces. In the same way, paint rollers and roller covers should be purchased carefully. Some are better for smooth finishes, other for textures, and still others for trim and cabinets.

Pittsburgh Professional Painters

Hiring a Pittsburgh professional painting contractor means that you’ll be saving both time and money for your interior painting project. MasterBrush Painting only uses professionals who have decades of experience, the right equipment, and the know-how to get your project done quickly. Call us today.