Tips to Removing Your Wallpaper

Wallpaper Removal

Deciding to paint a room can seem like an easy endeavor, unless the walls have been plastered with wallpaper for years. The task of removing old wallpaper has been one of frustration for many, but with a few easy steps, the job can become more manageable. Once completed, MasterBrush Painting, a Pittsburgh-based company for 28 years, can make your rooms into colorful masterpieces.

Determine the Amount and Type of Wallpaper

Pry a corner or seam up with a utility or putty knife to determine the amount of paper and the type that was previously applied.

Wallpaper Removal

If it removes easily in a sheet, then the wall was sealed with primer before the wallpaper was applied. A primed wall is the best scenario because the rest of the wallpaper can be removed in full or partial sheets.

It could also be strippable wallpaper if it peels off in long sheets and leaves no adhesive residue. If it is a peelable or vinyl wallpaper, it will remove like strippable paper. The only difference is once you remove the top vinyl coat you will be left with the backing, which must be stripped with water.

Another type of paper you may encounter is washable wallpaper. While it may be easy to clean, it is harder to remove because you must break through the film in order for the water to penetrate the paper.

Identify the Best Method for Removal

Based on the amount of wallpaper to be removed and the type previously applied will help you to determine the best method for removal. Below are some of the most common methods:

Water Removal – with this method, you will need a liquid stripper concentrate to mix with hot water. Using a brush, roller or sprayer, apply the mixture to the walls. Work in small sections, so that your paper does not dry before you remove it. Let the water penetrate for a few minutes and then begin stripping it away with a scraper.

Soften the Paste – If your job entails removing older papers or ones applied with wallpaper paste, you may need to soak the paper for five minutes with warm water, liquid detergent and cellulose paste. Then, you can use a scraper to lift off the paper.

Steaming – this method is best used to tackle materials that are difficult to remove or if there are several layers of old wallpaper to remove. It is a much faster way, but can be a laborious task because you must steam and strip at the same time. Often, it requires two people. Wallpaper steamers can be rented from home improvement or hardware stores.

Chemical Removal – in cases where the old wall paper was covered with paint, you will need a chemical stripper designed for textured coatings. These chemicals tend to be strong and require goggles and protective gloves.

Finish the Job with MasterBrush Painting

MasterBrush Painting has a team of experienced professionals with over 150 years, combined. With long-standing relationships and a reputation based on competitive pricing, reliability, honesty and efficiency, they have serviced many businesses and residences over their 28 years in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. Call MasterBrush Painting today at 412-481-2155 for a FREE estimate.