The Wrong Ways to Paint Your Wall

Painting your home’s interior may seem like a simple task, but it is not one that you can jump into. If you want to see great results, there are a few things you should avoid. Serving as your interior painting expert in Pittsburgh, MasterBrush Painting has put together a list of painting tips to ensure you get the best results when painting your home.

Don’t Rush

Rushing through the paint job will result in paint drips, specks, splatters, and spills in places the paint shouldn’t be. It is essential to take your time for the best look possible. Rushing can also cause the lines at your corners and edges to look sloppy, and you may even end up with patchy or thin areas where the old paint shows through, so take your time to achieve a great finished product.

Prepare Your Walls

Before you begin painting, it is crucial to prepare the surface. If you start painting without doing so, any flaws or holes in the surface will blemish the newly painted surface. You also risk trapping hair, lint, and dirt in the paint. Before painting, be sure to wash the wall first and the repair any damage such as holes, dents, or scrapes to the paint a smooth, clean surface to stick to.

Use Quality Materials

Your home is a substantial investment, so when making improvements such as painting, it is vital to use quality materials or local painting contractors to ensure you get the results you want. With paint and painting tools, you get what you pay for. With cheaper paint, you risk a lack of coverage with the old paint showing through as well as inconsistent color. They also do not last as long as higher-quality paints. It is also essential to put the labor in when painting. One coat will not likely be enough and will lead to a shorter lifespan for the paint.

Professional Interior Painting in Pittsburgh

At MasterBrush Painting, our highly-trained and dedicated team of painters uses only the best in paint and painting tools to ensure you achieve the stunning results you want. We understand how important your home is to which is why we take special care to paint your home’s interior for a long-lasting, beautiful finish you can enjoy for years to come! Contact us today to learn more about our residential painting services.
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