Painting in Spring

Spring Paint Job

Painting during the spring time requires more than a mere paint application. It requires preparation, the proper tools, environment considerations and more. At Master Brush Painting we are dedicated to incorporating this and other knowledge and expertise into our services in order to provide you nothing but the best, every time!

The Prep Work is Necessary

No matter if you are adding a coat of fresh paint to your interior or exterior space, preparing beforehand is key. From gaining the right tools and making sure paint surface are clean and dry, to making any repairs your space may need, proper preparation is absolutely necessary. Preparing your space and your project needs before beginning your project will produce the best, most successful and impressive results.

Spring Paint Job

Exterior Painting & Outdoor Considerations

When it comes to an outside paint project, it is important to consider the temperature, air quality and other outdoor elements. Are you painting in the early day when morning due covers everything? Are you painting in noon hour, when the sun is at its highest peak and the day is at its highest temperature? This is why preparatory tasks are important for interior spring painting, and especially important for exterior painting projects.

Painting Your Inside Space

Though it is not as meticulous at exterior painting, painting your inside space still requires a certain level of preparation and element consideration. The interior rooms of your home, for instance, can develop air that is humid. This is obviously not a wise condition for fresh painting and proper drying.

Master Brush Painting’s paint services, whether being used inside or outdoors, are here to help make your next painting project results extraordinary. We are also dedicated to making sure that the process of your painting project rolls as smooth as possible, for overall piece of mind too! Contact us today for a FREE estimate by calling (412) 481-2155 now.