No-VOC Paints for Cold Weather Projects

Painting in the Cold Weather

When it comes to winter paint projects, the paint and supply materials that you choose to use are extremely important. With winter precipitation, drastic temperatures and other seasonal conditions, the type of paint you use for your project is imperative to the successful of its results. At Master Brush Painting, we’re here to help you achieve the best results possible with your next project.

Stay Free of VOC Paints

During winter time it is important to avoid VOC paint with your projects for many reasons. Volatile Organic Compound paint, or rather VOC paint, is a compound of organic chemicals that is often known to produce a strong, disruptive odor during and after the paint process. The VOC’s get release into air as paint dries, and can stimulate acute dizziness, headaches and other discomforts and irritations.

Interior Paints

No-VOC Paints Are Odor Free

If you love the look of fresh paint, but could do without the odor, No-VOC paint selections are the way to go. These paints expose little to no odor, which is important to consider when it it is too cold to open the windows for air circulation. Also, near odorless No-VOC paint is recommended over standard paint compounds for those with asthma and respiratory issues, as it is proven to be less of an irritant. Low-VOC paints are also available, yet still hold a certain amount of VOC’s within the paint base or colorant.

Long Lasting Results with No-VOC Paints

There is more sustainability with No-VOC or Low-VOC paints, compared to traditional VOC paint. Complete your next paint project with No-VOC paints, and let your paint leave a long lasting impression, with long lasting results. Keep in mind, too, that the tools you use with No-VOC paint will also have an effect on the flow of your project and its final results.

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