Kitchen Painting Tips

If your kitchen is outdated, or maybe your yellowing wallpaper has seen better days, it may be time to put a fresh coat of paint on your kitchen walls. Before you begin refreshing your kitchen with new paint, it is essential to take specific steps to ensure that you choose the best color for your kitchen.Kitchen Painters Pittsburgh

What Type of Lighting Does Your Kitchen Have?

Before choosing your color, it is essential to consider how well lit your kitchen is. You will want to look at how much natural light comes in through the windows, how well lit the kitchen is at night or if the kitchen has adequate lighting all day long.

If your kitchen is always well lit, you can choose any color that suits your style. With a dimly lit kitchen, it is important to avoid using bright or neon style colors or any very dark color. Bright colors can result in highly contrasted, odd-looking shadows. Paler, more muted pastels would be your best option.

If the color is too dark in a dimly lit kitchen, then you can cause the space to feel stuffy, smaller, and look even darker. Using lighter lilac or mint colors are great options rather than rich royal purples or deep evergreen shades. If your set on a brighter or darker color, consider installing better lighting to compliment the color.

How Room Size Affects Color Options

If you have a smaller kitchen, you can use bright, bold colors such as cream, brown, or yellow. Smaller spaces can be made to look even smaller, so it is crucial to avoid darker colors such as navy blue or dark brown.

If your kitchen is larger in size, you can choose colors that are lighter or darker, but the key is to avoid bold, vibrant colors such as lemon yellow. With more wall space to paint, these brighter, bold colors can look overwhelming. With a larger kitchen, you may want to consider more neutral tones such as paler blues.

Choosing a Color That Flows with Your Kitchen

When selecting a color, you want to also consider the colors of the furnishings in your kitchen, such as cabinets, appliance, countertops, and flooring. It is recommended that you shop around for paint and bring home a few color swatches to compare them to your kitchen furnishings.

You can choose to match the color with the flooring so that they compliment each other or maybe give your kitchen a more dramatic look by contrasting light floors with darker walls or vice versa.

Professional Residential Painting in Pittsburgh

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