How to Choose Exterior Paint Colors for Your Home

If you’d like to paint the exterior of your home, you’re probably wondering if you should paint it the same color, or if you should change it. There are many reasons to freshen up your paint scheme. Maybe you’ve just bought the home, and would prefer a different color. Perhaps the paint palette has changed in the past few decades, and you’ve decided on a modern style.

Here are some pointers that we give homeowners who would like to choose new colors for the outside of their home.


Professional Painter Tips for Your Home’s Exterior Colors

  • Look Around. If you live in a neighborhood with other nearby homes, take a look at the colors they are using. If there are five beige houses in a row, you may not want to be the sixth home, but instead would like to pick a color that stands out. Of course, if you’d like to keep your home neutral, there are many colors that will brighten your home, such as off white, sand, taupe, gray, and gray-green.
  • Follow the Rules. Many exterior colors for homes in communities are governed by rules that may tell you what colors you’re allowed to use, including trim work. If so, you should carefully follow these by-laws, but that doesn’t mean that your home has to look cookie-cutter. Take a look around your neighborhood and see what paint schemes are most attractive to you, and then see if those colors will look great on your home, too.
  • The Whole and the Parts. You may love a color that you’d like to see on your home, but that doesn’t mean that it will complement your house or your neighborhood. Take a good look at your home’s other exterior parts. Your roof’s shingles may be a certain color or style that doesn’t fit with certain shades of paint. If your landscaping and plantings are always a certain style (for instance, you have plenty of flowering plants with bright colors, or your mulch is bright red), you should concentrate on how your paint color will look with the other elements of your house.
  • Include a Surprise. Some people choose a pleasing neutral color for their home, and then add unexpected pops of color on the trim work or on the front door. These colors draw the eye not only to these parts of the house, but give your home a trendy look without it being overwhelming.


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