Fall Painting Projects to Update Your Home

Fall is a great time to tackle those painting projects that you put off during a busy summer. The weather is cooler, there’s less rain to deal with, and you’re not yet forced into your home to wait out a cold winter. Here are some projects that MasterBrush painters can help you with: Painting Projects […]

Why You Should Refresh Trim and Shutters

When you think of the exterior of your home, you usually think about the paint colors or the brick. That’s not surprising, since those materials make up the majority of the outside of the home. However, the trim work and the shutters are just as important in creating the color scheme of the house. Design […]

How to Choose Exterior Paint Colors for Your Home

If you’d like to paint the exterior of your home, you’re probably wondering if you should paint it the same color, or if you should change it. There are many reasons to freshen up your paint scheme. Maybe you’ve just bought the home, and would prefer a different color. Perhaps the paint palette has changed […]

How to Repaint Your Outside Furniture

A+ Painting Services in Pittsburgh, PA If you’re a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania resident who needs reliable professional outdoor painting services, then MasterBrush Inc. (http://www.masterbrushpainting.com) might just be the perfect company for you. Henry Webber established the company in 1981. MasterBrush Inc. offers a wide array of painting services beyond just outdoor painting. The professionals at MasterBrush […]

Tips For Painting the Outside of Your Home

Painting the Outside of Your Home When the outside of your home needs a new coat of paint, it may seem like a daunting task. Homes generally require a fresh coat every five years, but the need for outdoor painting can vary depending on the climate in your area. MasterBrush Painting in Pittsburgh, PA offers […]

What Color Should I Paint My . . . ?

Choosing a paint color for a room or area can be as easy as picking a neutral tone or as complicated as finding just the right shade to complement a whole-whole plan. When my clients tell me that they are having trouble with finding a particular paint color, here’s what I tell them. How to […]

Step One

Residential Painting: The First Steps When it comes to painting, many homeowners may not know where to start. Whether it is the run-of-the mill residential painting or even custom home painting, the process can be somewhat daunting. However, the professionals at Master Brush Inc. can help. Based out of Pittsburgh, PA, they have been serving […]