Interior Painting Tips

Cold Weather Interior Painting Tips When it comes to home decor, painting the interior is a major factor in setting the tone for the overall look of a room. There are many factors to consider, such as the color, whether to use multiple colors, and even implementing things such as half-wall panels and/or molding.

Tips to Removing Your Wallpaper

Wallpaper Removal Deciding to paint a room can seem like an easy endeavor, unless the walls have been plastered with wallpaper for years. The task of removing old wallpaper has been one of frustration for many, but with a few easy steps, the job can become more manageable. Once completed, MasterBrush Painting, a Pittsburgh-based company […]

Interior Painting Tips: DYI Doors & Windows

Interior Painting Tips Painting the different parts of your interior all require different techniques. How a door, window, trim lines and similar are painted all require different techniques. Yet similarly, each different type of surface needs to be prepped before paint applications begin. Painting the doors and windows of your home are commonly seen as […]

Painting Your Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom Painting Tips Painting your master bedroom involves going beyond the purchase of a few paint swatches and a roller; it involves energy, design and your personal touch of style. Paint projects are not mere projects, they are transformations. A little switch of paint can go a long way, when done properly. The paint […]

Things to Know When Painting Your Home’s Exterior

Interior Home Painting Exterior painting demands more than the average amount of required skills or necessary tasks. Painting in the outdoors requires the consideration of several different factors, which vary in comparison to indoor paint projects. Knowing how to plan and follow through with the appropriate steps to exterior painting will lead to nothing but […]

Paint Services During Summertime

Summertime Paint Services Every season provides different weather conditions, which all affect the process and results of outdoor painting. Although the summer season is ideal for paint projects in the outdoors, there are still factors to consider if you want supreme results and a problem-free paint process. At Master Brush Painting, we know all of […]

Tips to Removing Wallpaper

Need to Remove Your Wallpaper? Removing wallpaper in Pittsburgh can sometimes be a cumbersome and frustrating task, from weather conditions to aged and layered decor. That is why our professional wallpaper removal services from Master Brush Painting are perfect for you! Not only that, we also provide expert advice on wallpaper removal, paint media and […]

Keeping Your Walls as Vibrant as Day One

Spicing up Your Walls! When it comes to maintaining vibrant wall color, our experts of Maser Brush Painting know exactly what to do. Our quality paints and painting services provide long lasting paint results that you can fully enjoy, season after season. Start now by applying the below tips to your next paint project and […]