Painting Your Bedroom for Comfort and Style

Homeowners usually pick themes for their home’s interior that are varied: soft in certain areas, eye-catching in others. When it comes to bedrooms, though, lots of people just paint it white. There’s so much that can be done with bedrooms besides plain white! We’re professional Pittsburgh painters with years of experience, so we’d like to […]

Fall Painting Projects to Update Your Home

Fall is a great time to tackle those painting projects that you put off during a busy summer. The weather is cooler, there’s less rain to deal with, and you’re not yet forced into your home to wait out a cold winter. Here are some projects that MasterBrush painters can help you with: Painting Projects […]

Why You Should Refresh Trim and Shutters

When you think of the exterior of your home, you usually think about the paint colors or the brick. That’s not surprising, since those materials make up the majority of the outside of the home. However, the trim work and the shutters are just as important in creating the color scheme of the house. Design […]

How to Choose Exterior Paint Colors for Your Home

If you’d like to paint the exterior of your home, you’re probably wondering if you should paint it the same color, or if you should change it. There are many reasons to freshen up your paint scheme. Maybe you’ve just bought the home, and would prefer a different color. Perhaps the paint palette has changed […]

It’s the Perfect Time to Paint Your Home’s Siding

With summer on the way, it’s time to think about sprucing up the outside of your house with paint, when there’s little to no humidity. Exterior home projects give you big results while you’re preparing for summer and getting ready for sunshine, cooking out, and get-togethers. Painting Your Home’s Outside Adds to Curb Appeal Nothing […]

How to Update Your Kitchen Using Paint

Does your kitchen need a refresh? Paint will give you a professional, updated look. Here are some great ideas for homeowners who would like to add some pizzazz to their kitchen. Cabinets Are your cabinets worn and outdated? You can easily create cabinet doors that look new by sanding down the existing materials and then […]

Four Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Painter

If you’re excited about repainting your home, you know how much of a difference it’s going to make. Rooms will look brighter and bigger, the colors will be interesting and complementary to your décor, and you can enjoy a modern or traditional look. In fact, this may be your dream project. That’s exactly why you […]